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At Jim Taylor Sales, we are passionate about providing our clients with the best possible solutions to your commercial and residential needs. To do so, we’re more than just a manufacturer's representative, we also provide the following, and many more, services to our clients.

  • Based on your building hot water needs, Jim Taylor Sales will calculate your BTU requirements and make hot water heater recommendations. We’ll also provide specifications and installation drawings.

  • Jim Taylor Sales will provide start-up for water heaters along with owner training.

  • Jim Taylor Sales can help with your specifications for hydromechanics applications on drains, cleanout, carriers, interceptors, and water hammer arrestors.

  • If you are designing a lead building, we can offer our assistance in helping you achieve the most water savings possible.

  • We can help with questions you might have about RPZ’s and water regulators, along with troubleshooting any problems you might have.

  • Jim Taylor Sales has an in-house showroom specialist to help you choose the best sinks and faucets for new and remodel applications.

  • Jim Taylor Sales provides quotes to all wholesalers on all commercial, institution, and industrial jobs in the state of Arkansas.

  • Jim Taylor Sales provides job quotes for Division 10 products, including accessories, partitions, and lockers. For partitions and lockers, we provide professional drawings with our quotes.

  • We can help you design your lavatory, complete with faucets and accessories, along with any shower application you might have.

  • We can help you design your domestic hot and cold water piping systems along with your chilled and hydronic applications with Aquatherm, the best piping product on the market.

  • Jim Taylor Sales trains all installers for the Aquatherm product on butt fusion, socket fusion and outlet fusing.

  • Jim Taylor Sales has many CEU accredited presentations that we present to help you achieve your point requirements for the year.

  • If you require an actuated valve take advantage of our in-house engineer to help you design the correct valve.

  • Jim Taylor Sales has the resources to design your complete acoustic sound installation.

  • We offer inhouse CAD drawings for toilet partitions in any size or shape bathroom.


Jim Taylor Sales is certified for Aquatherm piping.

The image on the left is an example of an aquatherm factory prefab that will ship to the job site for quick and efficient installation. 

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