Serving Arkansas for Over 53 Years – Established in 1963

Jim Taylor Sales has been Arkansas’s leading plumbing manufacturer’s representative since 1963. We are dedicated to unequaled service, performance, integrity, employee training and fairness in dealing with our clients and our employees. We believe customer service is our most important asset, and we work diligently to build lasting relationship with our customers. When you purchase through Jim Taylor Sales, you can be confident you’ll receive high quality and expertly priced products.

We offer plumbing fixtures for a range of situations, including safety and security fixtures.

We have a full range of drains and cleanouts for roofs, floors and trenches.

Whether you’re cooling a single room or a large office, we have a solution for you.

From dryers and grab bars to tissue dispensers and trash solutions, we provide the best bathroom accessories.

We offer all types of toilet partitions and screens for your bathroom privacy.

From single projects to entire office buildings, our gauge and thermometer partners have the right tools for you.

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